2017 Naval Mine Warfare Essay Contest Winners

The Challenge:

Address the strategic, operational, and tactical demands for 21st-Century Navy mine warfare–mine countermeasures, mining–technologies, systems and platforms, explosive ordnance disposal. Examine the promise of autonomous and unmanned vehicles. Consider the difficulties of delivering capable and affordable solutions to the fleet.


First Prize: $1,500
Scott Savitz, Ph.D.
“The Samson Approach to Mine Countermeasures”
(NMWEC #8-17)

Second Prize: $750
LTJG Daniel Stefanus, USN
“Terror in the Water:  Maritime Terrorism, Mines and Other Imperiled Harbors”
(NMWEC #9-17

Third Prize: $500
Jason Stack, Ph.D.
“The Naval MCM Strategy: Post-Legacy to Post-LCS”
(NMWEC #7-17)